Client: RR Auction
Roles: Creative Direction;  Exhibit Design; Experiential Design; Art Installation; Event Planning; Project Management; Conception/Visualization; Branded Content; Projection; Photography; Filmmaking; Video editing
With over 400 Reservations and 3 Rooms of artwork on Display, this private exhibition at the Hotel Chelsea in New York City was the first official showing of the artwork of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's Iconic Factory Muse. I had the pleasure of working directly with the Auction-House and Client as solo Creative Director and Experience Designer for the exhibit. Following the experience, the subsequent auction of the artwork yielded a 156% increase in the appraised value.
About Edie Sedgwick
Edith Minturn Sedgwick Post, Andy Warhol’s iconic Factory muse, burst onto the Manhattan art/pop culture scene in the mid 1960’s and soon became what Vanity Fair called “the avatar of Warhol’s desires.” Gorgeous, reed-thin and exceedingly rich from a family that Andy declared went “all the way back to the Pilgrims” she soon began modeling and exploded onto the scene as “Girl of The Year.” Vogue’s Diana Vreeland dubbed her a “Youthquaker,” and in 1965 when Warhol turned from pop art soup can works to film, she became his “Marilyn,” the “It girl” of the era, a status that propelled her onto the cover of Life Magazine
Given Edie's short life and restless, unpredictable nature, holographic material from her remains nearly unobtainable. As such, this unprecedented collection of her own personal artwork, created during her most influential and turbulent period, represents a unique and singular event never again to be repeated.
Image credit: RR Auction
Entrance Hallway
The experience began with an entrance hallway lined with prints of Edie's Sketches, as well as a projected welcome message with a description of the exhibit and QR code for the auction site.
Room One
Guests were greeted by iconic musical entertainment from members of some of New York's most beloved local musicians as they entered to see the first room of Sedgwick's artwork.
Room Two
Through the open entrance to room two, some of Edie's most highly valued artworks sat on display, staged along with the Hotel Chelsea's classic furniture, bringing guests back in time for an authentic exhibit experience.
Complimentary Outdoor Bar
Guests were served complimentary wine and tequila in a private outdoor bar to commemorate the event and as a thank you for attending.
The goal was to elevate the artwork and pay respects to the artist
Appraisal price: $126,700
Final Selling Price: $197,824
A 156% increase in the estimated price of the artwork.
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